By battleground

Do you find yourself wondering what Battleground Training Inc. really is? Well, Battle Ground Training Inc. is a group10422296_683235258440786_2030496164145527470_n-1
training and group fitness gym. We also offer personal trainings. We will have you prepared for whatever extreme challenge race you enter…and for whatever life throws at you!

We offer three different types of classes: Battlecamp, B.A. Boxing, and Body Combat. Each class is a different kind of torture that will leave you sweating and wanting more.

Battlecamp is our version of bootcamp and involves circuit training, plyometrics, a mix of weights, body weight, and high intensity cardio blasts. With a mix between tabata style and long interval workouts, our battlecamp class will make you sweat! You will feel yourself getting stronger at the hardest bootcamp you will ever take!

B.A. Boxing is sure to burn your muscles. Dig deep and dig your fists into the punching bag. Uppercuts, hooks, jabs, and crosses will help sculpt beautiful shoulders. Mix in a few burpees, squats, or push ups for a little extra strength and cardio and you have a hard workout. We take it to the next level a run you through a mini battlecamp circuit just to make sure you had a goo workout.

602648_3790034622254_84355156_nBody Combat is your chance to let your inner karate kid shine through. From quick jabs to sidekicks, this class is a balanced mix between cardio and strength. Clenching your fist while throwing a punch or doing quick lunges and mixing in some roundhouse kicks, this class is sure to get you sweating. Check out this video for a sneak peek at what you could be doing! Here is another just for fun!

Check out our schedule to see when each class is held!

We know you have got what it takes to be a BATTLEGROUNDER so come over and give it a shot. We believe in you so now you just have to believe in yourself.