Body Combat Launch and Two Year Anniversary Party!

Posted: 25th June 2014 by battleground in Fitness

Battleground family!


Every few months a new Body Combat video is released so the trainers at Battleground take their time learning the difficult routines so when they debut the new tracks they look like they know what their doing. This launch was extra special because in addition to the new routines it was Battleground’s two year anniversary! That’s right folks. Loren and Jules have been torturing people for two years now! Over these past 24 months, these two have grown their business into an unstoppablemachine! Some classes are packed enough to where you are sweating just from standing there! Sounds great, right?


KIA! Our four incredible instructors kicking butt up on stage during the launch.machine! Some classes are packed enough to where you are sweating just from standing there! Sounds great, right?

People were drenched in sweat…especially Loren! Punches were thrown and side kicks were executed. Sword movements were mimicked and schemas were performed. This launch was tough! Our heart rates were high and we were feeling great!


Loren in her very own sweat puddle. Isn’t she pretty?

Battlegrounders were encouraging each other and working on changing their own bodies. This is why we do what we do! We love our bodies and we love hearing our member talk about their progress and how great they feel. A hot and sweaty Body Combat class will get your heart rate up and your muscles will feel the burn. But it will all be worth it!


Body Combat Launch!

After the launch, the Battlegrounders had the day to relax and get ready for the two year anniversary party that night! We had such a great time! We received some amazing gifts that we have already put to torturing our lovely members with! There was food, booze, the Congo Line, lots of dancing, and even more laughs.

If you are sad you missed the launch, don’t worry! We offer a Body Combat class six days of the week. Check out the Pricing and Schedule tab for more info. First class is always free! Go Battleground!

  1. Robin Morgan says:

    These girls rock!! I have been at every launch and party and they just keep getting better!!