Battleground Badasses Conquer the Mud Endeavor

Posted: 21st July 2014 by battleground in Fitness

Loren and Danielle on flying fast on the slide!

The weather was perfect. The course was challenging. The team was ready. And the results speak for themselves.  Saturday night over 50 Battlegrounders laced up their old running shoes and took running to the next level. The Mud Endeavor race was 3.1 miles filled with grueling motor cross course hills, mud, cargo nets, and monkey bars.

           We will admit it was a hard course. But months of training especially for this race paid off. At Battleground we created our own little obstacle course to help us prepare. We were all ready to kick some Mud Endeavor ass, and that is exactly what we did.

               Four Battlegrounders, Loren, Danielle, Daniel, and Dustin ran in the 7:00 competitive wave and the majority of the group ran in the 7:20 wave although a few Battlegrounders ran in later waves.  No matter what pace you kept you would always have a Battlegrounder in sight!  With the winding course you were able to yell words of encouragement to your fellow teammates and it helped push you forward.


Keep Calm and Stay Badass! Battleground Badass that is!

        Loren and Danielle finished the competitive wave in about 39 minutes while Auburn finished the next wave in about 40 minutes. Once we find out more peoples times we will proudly share them!  Susan Di Carlo crossed the finish line in about 45 minutes with Tony Cherry right on her heels with a finish of about 47 minutes. Kim Cherry and Kelly Dudeck pounded the pavement till the end with a time of about 52 minutes.

               We are so proud of our battleground family for conquering the Mud Endeavor and the tough hills and obstacles that came with it. We all encourage each other and that never changes! Danielle and Auburn helped Susan Di Carlo push herself in a full sprint across the finish line. Kelly Dudeck waited for Kim Cherry to rock both sets of monkey bars so they could run the race together and ultimately cross the finish line hand in hand.

Battleground is already looking forward to the next Mud Endeavor race. So don’t worry if you missed this one! Just mark your calendar for September 13th and be sure to get the BOGO with a buddy! Check out the link here for more info. More details to come so be on the lookout! Maybe we can get Jules to run this one with us (;

              If you have pictures from the run please share them with us on Facebook and we can get them on the website.  Go team Battleground!


So proud of Team Battleground!