Fearless Leaders

By battleground

Jules, Danielle, Amy, and Loren are a force to be reckoned with!

Loren Reed 


Jules Maynard

General Manager, BATTLECAMP, BodyCombat, B.A. Boxing Instructor & Personal Trainer

Danielle Aupperlee

BATTLECAMP, BodyCombat, B.A. Boxing Instructor & Personal Trainer

When I heard that Loren and Jules were opening up their own gym I knew I had go check it out and from that first hot and sweaty combat class on one June morning 4 years ago I was hooked. I had taken combat other places with other instructors but no one and no where can compare to the magic of BG. BG became my gym but so much bigger than that…”exercise” became training. Training my body and mind to be stronger. Jules and Loren encouraged me to dig deep and push harder through every training and next thing you know I was competing in mud runs and races! My martial arts background showed through during every combat/boxing session, and it was enough for Loren and Jules to trust me leading/teaching my own B.A boxing class. And with their encouragement in March of this year I went through the Les Mills Body Combat certification training and I am proud to say I’m a certified instructor. BG has grown into such a huge part of my life, it’s crazy to think it’s only been 2 years! I’m so thankful to a part of the BG family. Loren & Jules… You girls mean so much to me. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!! #GBBG!

Amy Engh

BATTLECAMP, BodyCombat, B.A. Boxing Instructor & Personal Trainer

Three years ago, in June, I started my 2 month Groupon with Battleground. It was the very first 5:30 am class that they offered. I was nervous. I got through the class while listening to Jules and the other Members talk about the 1 year anniversary celebration that was had a few days before. It distracted me from the torture I felt like I was going through. I used to be an aerobics instructor for crying out loud. I was returning to school to be a PE teacher. I could handle this!! Well, my goal each day that week (yep, I returned every day after) was to get through the workout without feeling like I was going to puke. By the next Monday, I did it. I added in more classes to my schedule because each summer while my 3 boys are on summer break, I work out like crazy, get fit and then maintain through the school year with my busy schedule and walking the soccer fields while my boys practice each night. By the end of the summer I was going to 2-3 classes per day and was in the best shape of my life. But the summer was over and I had to go back to my teaching life. Jules and Loren insisted that I try to keep it in my schedule for a couple of months and if it didn’t work, I could walk away.

I never walked away. I got more fit, and my body changed. It continues to change and I am challenged with each workout every day even a year later. I can not say that about any other program I have been a part of.

During this, I completed my PE certification requirements to teach K-12 Physical Education. I thought a fitness certification would give me an “edge” as a PE teacher. Again, things aren’t easy at Battleground. After passing the intense training of the LesMills Body Combat program, I started teaching my very first class exactly 10 months after my very first day at Battleground. It is my favorite class, however I love and STILL go to them all.

I started for the workout challenge, and I will stay for the workout challenge, but also for the Battleground family that I am part of, I can’t wait to see what Jules and Loren can do, and can’t wait to follow in their footsteps.

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