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Wondering what our Battlegrounders have to say about our workouts and trainers? Check it out for yourself!


Kelly Dudeck looks absolutely amazing!

I started at Battleground by recommendation of a friend.. Having not been to gym in quite some time, I was a bit unsure at first. However, I felt welcome the moment I walked in. The workout was a challenge, but left we wanting to come back for more- and I have now been a part of the “Battleground Family” for almost two years. In that time, I have gained muscle strength that I never before thought was possible, much needed confidence, and some great friends. My husband and son saw the transformation and, not wanting to miss out, have joined as well! I am so thankful to my awesome trainers, Jules and Lauren, for never letting me give up and for inspiring me to push myself to reach my goals.

-Kelly Dudeck


Kim Morlan looking fab and fit!

Last June I decided to give Battleground a try with a 2 month Groupon. My friend Kim Cherry kept encouraging me to go! I was very reluctant at first saying that I had bad knees and I was in such bad shape I wouldn’t be able to do any of it! After the first night of Battlecamp I came home and cried. It was one of the hardest things I had done. But I went back and am still going. I went from barely doing 1 push-up to doing 100 and am currently on Day 46 of the 100 day push up challenge. I have ran in 2 5K’s…my first 2 ever. Loren and Jules are amazing and are 2 of the main reasons I keep going. Even though we are in a class it feels like you have your personal trainer right beside you. I have made new friends and have strengthened bonds with old friends. I walk away from each class feeling proud and good about myself. I encourage others to give Battleground a try! It will change you but in a great way!!

РKim  Morlan


Loren Reed (trainer) with Susan Di Carlo and Danielle Aupperlee at a race.


I could workout closer to home, I could walk instead of run…but I chose Battleground 2 years ago and refuse to give my fitness training to any other gym! I am stronger than I’ve ever been in my life, I’m constantly challenged and pushed to attain more than I ever thought possible! Battleground is my church every day of the week! Thank you Loren Reed and Jules Maynard for having a vision and making us reach our goals!

– Susan Di Carlo