Who are the Battlegrounders?

By battleground

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Battleground is a family. This is a place where strangers becomes friends. Our Battleground family is co-ed with all sorts of different people, sizes, shapes, jobs, hobbies, and lives. We all love and support each other from the little things in life to the bigger things. We offer advice when we can and we are always there to simply listen.

We are your friend. We are your mentor. We want you to make a change in your life. We want to HELP you make a change in your life.

We offer three different classes at different times all through out the week.

We have loyal members – men and women.

Our men are strong. They are tough. We push them hard.

Our women are strong. They are tough. We push them hard.

Battleground is a place where men and women can work out together without having to feel inferior, superior, embarrassed, judged, degraded, shamed, isolated, or unnoticed. We love every single one of our members. We give our all to them. We thank them every day for their support because we know that without them we would not be where we are today.

Check out this little video to get a glimpse at what Battleground is like.

We love our Battleground family!